Cadillac Tire Service in Windsor, ON

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Cadillac Tire Service

Whether you just need routine Cadillac tire rotations, or you want the tires on your car replaced, you can get it all at Premier Cadillac. Safety is the number one reason why Ontario drivers schedule regular tire maintenance. Bald tires mean poor traction, which in turns leads to unsafe driving conditions. This is highly preventable by just running a "Penny Test" every now and then on your vehicle’s tire tread to gauge when it’s time to schedule tire service at our Cadillac dealer in Windsor, ON.

Why Should I Schedule Tire Maintenance in Ontario?

You love your Cadillac, and you want it to last. Scheduling a simple tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,000 miles can prevent uneven wear on your tires, which prevents any unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. Not sure if it's time for Cadillac XT6 tire maintenance? Reach out to Premier Cadillac and we will do a thorough inspection of your tires and wheel components to evaluate what’s needed. Here are some signs it’s time to schedule tire maintenance:

  • Slipping and fishtailing on the road due to poor traction
  • Bumpy, uncomfortable drive
  • Vibrations
  • Tire pressure lights on in the dashboard
  • Frequent flats or low tire pressure
  • Tires don’t pass the Penny Test for tread depth